Did you know that an existing customer will spend on average 31% more on a new product than a new customer? #Think Up-Selling

Without content, there is no visibility! Give yourself the means to become a magnet that magnetizes your customers. #Semanticcocoon

Sooner or later when you want to sell you realize that it is the promise of your story that needs to be refined, not the brand's #DNA products

Social media

In the series ``Did you know``: 1 in 3 people will interact with your brand if they have been in contact with a story on Instagram. # It's huge

SEO - Natural referencing

Optimizing means: doing a lot with little. 70% of organic research results are best converted through long tail keywords. #LongTail Key-Words

You are sitting on a gold mine: we split your most profitable customers to approach twin prospects with high potential #Look-a-like Audiences

Google & Microsoft Ads

There is not only Google Ads, ex-Ad Words, but Microsoft (Bing), Waze and other platforms that we master to make you perform. #Diversity

We have found the simplest and most economical web solution for you. #Relax


Our Mission

With expertise in eCommerce, IT and digital marketing, BâtiBoost helps SMEs (French-speaking Switzerland) to gain market share and generate more business by bringing them out in front of their (European) competitors.


Our Values

We love what we do and we do it well.

We don’t necessarily have the same hours of presence at the office and we randomly wear jeans or T-shirts, but one thing is certain: when it comes to delivering for our customers, we deliver.

For us, nothing equals this feeling of pride in having offered the best of ourselves and in having won (hard) the satisfaction of a customer. Of which act.

Our Commitment

Whatever the recommended tactics (Inbound, Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation, Low-Code/No-Code CRM), our goal remains the same: more customers, more volumes, more growth


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