Should efforts be focused on acquiring new customers (which is expensive) or should existing customer up-sells be preferred?


“Both are true”, could one be tempted to answer 😉

However our view on this is more nuanced.

Admittedly, the constant acquisition of new customers is crucial, especially if it is considered from a long-term perspective (CLV / Customer LifeTime Value). But between burning 80% of the marketing budget on this part -acquisition- as most companies do, there is a step forward, especially when you know that it is 5 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one; if your business already has a good customer base, we recommend reassigning 50% of the budget to retention initiatives.

In any case, BâtiBoost is there to serve your sales team, to accelerate its processes and catalyze its efforts, in no way to replace it!

On the contrary, experience has shown that with the increase in the number of cases we have generated, sales teams have hired new resources to meet the demands.

Under no circumstances does our intervention weaken the teams, but we boost them and lead them to give more than they would have thought.

The time savings we generate by implementing lead generation or offer development solutions allow salespeople to focus their efforts on what really pays off.

And if it may seem to some that the implementation of processes complicates things, it is only an impression! 😉